Apply the scale, performance, security, and economics

Shift to experience-led open platform models to become unstoppable providers of next-generation IP services and immersive customer experiences.

Media Consulting

We help media and entertainment businesses outmaneuver uncertainty. With end-to-end transformation expertise, our clients emerge stronger and grow. The linear media production, advertising and distribution model is gone, and only those willing to transform their business model are likely to survive. Successful media companies have already transformed to support new value chains. Such a shift requires scaled-up production and delivery operations and a willingness to field-test new delivery models.


Communication Consulting

The rules of competition have changed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Disruptive forces have upended the industry, redefining the rules for how CSPs approach both consumer and business segments, as well as their own technologies. CSPs need to activate new paths for growth. Our vision for the industry is the result of research and industry analysis across shifting consumer, technology and business models trends, and their impacts our own industry.

Trending in Communication

Your communication services enterprise is the backbone of the digital economy. You need to provide always-on connectivity and infinite bandwidth so that consumers can work, learn, transact, and get entertained using mobile devices. Your network should support public services such as utilities, transportation networks, and healthcare with reliable connectivity.