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Multiple dedicated development teams at Arcadius technologies create software solutions that capture, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data. We build big data applications for large enterprises.

With big data frameworks, Arcadius Technologies, professionals create comprehensive solutions for Telecom, Fintech, Healthcare, and other industries. Our big data engineers build custom cloud-based big data solutions, data science software, machine learning algorithms, and more. We install and configure big data tools as well as develop customized data science applications and reports.

Complete Tech Stack For Big Data

Our software development professionals have extensive experience with many open-source big data technologies. We work with Apache Spark and Hadoop big data frameworks, as well as with the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Hive, Flume and more. Arcadius technologies big data professionals also provide integration with NoSQL databases that deal with dynamic data of any size.

Cloud-native applications

Big data engineers at Arcadius technologies utilize cloud computing for big data systems. Cloud technology allows creating highly scalable big data solutions without the need to maintain an expensive infrastructure. We work with Azure and Amazon Web Services (Kinesis, EMR, Lambda) to ensure efficient data processing and analytics. Our big data developers support existing MapReduce solutions and refactor them to Spark.

Data science and machine learning algorithms

Our developers effectively integrate efficient data science, machine learning and deep learning algorithms into big data solutions. We give businesses robust software with AI capabilities that analyzes customer behavior, optimizes prices, and detects risks. Machine learning is also highly effective when it comes to market segmentation, demand forecasting, and more. Our data analysts help companies use big data insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Big data management and analytics

With strong expertise in data analytics and machine learning, we create smart IoT solutions that produce meaningful insights and credible predictions. Our specialists develop IoT applications for reporting, analytics, workflow control, and process automation in machine-to-machine environments.

Arcadius Technologies team use various sensors and connectivity tools to gather logs on just about any personal device and enterprise equipment. We also help companies analyze big data with the latest data science technologies. our engineers integrate machine learning and deep learning algorithms to analyze data in real time.

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